Goodness Dispenser is an interactive kiosk telling Vancity's Make Good Money story via a digital interface, providing a surprising rewarding experience that Vancity members would want to share with other people.

I split roles between user experience designer and information modeller, producing both wireframes of the interface, as well as information models and frameworks of the experience.

In coming to understand the promise of Make Good Money as a governing idea of VanCity, we created information models that illustrate how VanCity's brand strategy waterfalls down to its internal and consumer-facing applications. We also married our research into Make Good Money as a brand core with our own brainstorming to produce an indepth model of what Make Good Money means.

As part of our process, I worked with Vicky to create a journey framework to map potential areas for design intervention. The journey framework allowed us to map out specific stages of a customer's engagement with VanCty, detailing various touchpoints and questions specific to each stage.

We found an opportunity in the on-going management phase: the phase when current customers are rewarded. Rewarding customers has proven to increase customer retention, advocacy and loyalty, especially in banking.

We bounced around several ideas about possible forms, but the one that resonated with us the most was the idea of a kiosk that informed VanCity customers of how their money was invested in local enterprises that build community. The kiosk would also dispense a product or voucher related to the interaction as a call to action to encourage the audience to and explore those enterprises.

Vicky and I wireframed out the interactions, while Yvonne and Vivian developed the form of the kiosk. Communication was necessary in order to marry two two parts of the product into one cohesive experience.

Brands, like most objects, have affordances (stemming from the brand stewards, company values, mission, goals, etc.) that suggest or direct how they should be communicated—an idea similar to what Method calls a "brand voice." This project gave me an opportunity to learn how a company is guided through brand, and how to interpret it in a brand experience that consumers converse with and participate in.

  • Dan Nanasi, Victoria Badenas, Vivian Hu, Yvonne Ren